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Chris G. has been in the Music Business since 2006 as a concert promoter, artist manager, and booking agent. “Making It” is not about being on top of the charts, winning mainstream awards, or having millions of social media followers. Though those things are nice, that’s a very small percentage of the industry. “Making It” is about having conversations with people that do what they love full time, instead of being stuck with a career they hate. Throughout his journey, Chris has met many inspiring individuals who have in his eyes “made it” and who have an abundant amount of stories and wisdom that should be shared with the world of aspiring creatives, musicians, actors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. The objective of this podcast is to educate and motivate individuals by sharing stories of people who are “making it” every day.
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Jan 19, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Making It with Chris G where we have Conversations with people in the world of entertainment who are making it, from behind the scenes to the spotlight. Sharing their stories and insight to help you get one step closer to Making It.

Ivan Neville grew up in New Orleans and was surrounded by music his entire life. He had his first Top 30 Billboard hit “Not Just Another Girl” in 1988 from his “If My Ancestors Could See Me Now” album. He also contributed keyboards on two Rolling Stones albums, as well as a Keith Richards solo project. He was a touring member of the Spin Doctors, and has also contributed on the albums of Don Henley, Paula Abdul, Bonnie Raitt, and many more. In 2003, he formed the New Orleans powerhouse funk band Dumpstaphunk who has performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals such as New Orleans Jazz Fest, Bonnaroo, Hangout Fest, High Sierra, and many more.

Ivan has so much history and so many great stories. I could’ve talked to him for hours. Hopefully we’ll have a round two sometime down the road. I hope you enjoy this episode with Ivan Neville.

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